Looking for Concrete Equipment?

Looking for Concrete Equipment?

Rely on us for concrete buggy or mini excavator rentals in Flint, MI

Do you have plans to make a concrete projects, but you're missing the right tools? Don't worry - Great Lakes Concrete Supply has the equipment you need. Our supplier shop in Flint, MI provides:

  • Mini excavator rentals
  • Concrete buggy rentals
  • Smaller equipment rentals

We even have stamp rentals, so you can give your concrete a unique and interesting design. Call 810-720-1000 now to learn more about mini excavator or concrete buggy rental services.

Equipment Available With a Variety of Timeframes

Concrete installations or stamping projects don't just get done overnight. That's why we allow customers to rent equipment by the day, week or month. You can take your time on your project and get the most out of your rented equipment.

Ask us any questions about our concrete buggy or mini excavator rentals when you speak with one of our team members today.